Maisonneuve Maisonneuve Keg SA is based in Normandy, France and is a leading European manufacturer of stainless steel kegs, casks, and food tanks. Eurosource, Inc. is the sole agent for Maisonneuve SA in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Maisonneuve Keg has been in business for over 70 years and a supplier of the beer industry for over 25 years, from the very large brewery to the very small. Our customer list includes Beck's, Carlsberg, Coors, Heineken and Kronenburg, as well as many regional breweries and micro-breweries in the world.

In addition to selling container loads of kegs shipped directly from the factory, we are able to supply our customers with small quantities of kegs and casks from our U.S. inventory.


All kegs are straight Wall Stainless Steel and equipped with U.S Sankey valves.

Maisonneuve kegs

1/2 Barrel
1/6 barrel
1/6 Barrel
Cask Firkin

50 Liter
1/4 barrel

1/4 barrel

30 Liter

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Eurosource, Inc. can provide valve removal and installation tools, as well as spare parts for valves.

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