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Founded in 1993, Eurosource, Inc. has accumulated over 20 years of experience and reliability in the sale of packaging equipment & supplies for breweries and the beverage industry. Based in Dallas, Texas, we provide keg, bottling and canning lines, kegs (1/2 B., 50L, 30L,1/4 B., 1/6 barrels and casks) , keg caps and cask accessories.

COMAC-Keg lines
COMAC-Keg lines
Bottling & Canning lines
COMAC-Bottling & Canning lines
UB Plastic-Keg caps
Cask Accessories
Cask accessories

ComacEurosource, Inc. is the exclusive agent for Comac from Italy. Comac specializes in manufacturing keg, bottling and canning lines. To know more...


Eurosource, Inc. is the sole agent for Maisonneuve Keg S.A. from France. This well-know manufacturer is a specialist in kegs and casks manufacture. They offer durable and reliable products that best suit your needs. To know more...

UB LogoEurosource, Inc. represents UB Plastics Ltd. from England for the Keg Dust Covers and Tamper Evident Keg Caps for U.S. Sankey keg caps or other valve styles. To know more...

We invite you to discover our products by consulting the pages planned for that purpose. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information at this number (214) 357-4688 or by email at

TEL: (214) 357-4688